School officials: 6 Gilbert teachers let go due to alcohol related incident

New information is coming out about the firings of six teachers from a charter school in Gilbert.

A group of parents talked to FOX 10 Phoenix Saturday morning about what they know happened. And they want to assure parents that the incident did not involve students.

"Those teachers were fabulous and it's giving them a bad name," Germann said.

Jamie Germann, President of the Parent Teacher Organization at the Imagine West Gilbert Charter School says she and the women next to her know why six teachers won't be returning to their classrooms come Monday.

"It's very clear in the teacher's handbook of what the rules of what they are to abide by, and they broke a rule in the teacher's handbook and that's a consequence. And it breaks my heart, I don't like it one bit. I have very good relationships with these people and it's very difficult," Germann said.

Imagine Schools released a statement saying due to employment confidentiality laws, they cannot disclose the specifics of the incident, only that it was serious in nature.

FOX 10's Courtney Griffin spoke with a parent on Friday who wanted answers.

The mothers a part of the PTO say they have the answer, and they released it today after saying she got authorization from the parties involved to speak about it.

"There was an alcohol related incident that took place at the school. Some more involved than others. The school did what they had to do to protect our children, to protect the teachers," Germann said.

FOX 10 received the letter the school sent out to parents to notify them of the firings. In the letter, it states the incident happened during school hours on school property on the last day of school before winter break.

The PTO moms say the entire thing is unfortunate, but it should not reflect on the school.

"They made poor decisions and they're dealing with the consequences. Let's make it a positive thing and just encourage our kids to go with the right attitude and you know, just move on. Let's make the rest of the year awesome," Germann said.

School officials can confirm the the incident was related to alcohol.

The mothers say the school did the right thing, but they hope the teachers won't have trouble finding a future teaching job.