Scottsdale police arrest man for murder of 70-year-old homeless woman

Scottsdale police have arrested a man for the murder and sexual assault of a 70-year-old homeless woman.

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, 22-year-old Jadyn Grant Curtis has been arrested in the murder of 70-year-old Paulette Larwinski on June 24.

According to police, Larwinski was violently attacked and sexually assaulted on the patio of a business near First Street and Brown Avenue in the early-morning hours of June 24.

Police say Curtis bludgeoned her several times in the head with a river rock before sexually assaulting her.

Curtis's DNA was linked to the rape kit samples as well as DNA found from the river rock.

Larwinski was taken to a hospital where she died from her injuries on June 30.

Curtis faces charges of first-degree murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, and armed robbery.