Scottsdale police say man shot wife, 2 kids, then himself

A memorial grows in Scottsdale for a family of four who died in a murder-suicide on Friday.

Scottsdale police say a man fatally shot his wife and two young children, a 3-year-old girl and a 9-month-old baby boy, before killing himself in the family home and investigators believe financial struggles may be one reason for the horrific crime.

39-year-old Jason Fairbanks and his 39 year-old wife Annie, owned Macrotherapy Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Scottsdale. Naturopathic physician Wendy Wells worked with Annie a few years back and remembers her well.

"It's a terrible thing what happened to her. She was completely passionate about what she did. Always on the go, just her whole person, just exuded health and vibrancy. She had the biggest, most winning smile."

A few miles away, there's a memorial in front of Jason and Annie Fairbanks' home near Frank Lloyd Wright and Thunderbird.

"She was a sweetheart of a girl.. and I just can't believe it," said Dr. Wells.

Back at Macrotherapy, there's a delicately-worded note on the door: "In light of recent events we are canceling appointments and will be closed from 11/13/17 through 11/25/17."

A passerby wonders why Jason Fairbanks couldn't see another way out.

"It's a shame this happened, it really is," said Mondo De Panicis. "I've been through bad times too, but it's not worth killing yourself or your family. There's other ways out of this and much easier than shooting your family and giving up life."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.