Seeing things? $4.44 prices pop up at Circle K locations across the Valley

On Saturday morning, Fox 10 Phoenix received photos, messages and phone calls about gas prices at Circle K locations being $4.44 a gallon.

One viewer, Art Swander, who is an Uber driver, says people were being charged that price. It was also the third location he had seen at that point in the day.

Another man we talked to who lives in Anthem said he was also being charged that amount, however, it was that price for all three types of gas.

A Mesa man, Tim Church, says he called to see if the sign was broken, and the employee on the line said, "Nope, we're charging $4.44." Church says he then went down the street to QuikTrip and paid $2.25 per gallon.

Curious, Fox 10 went out to other Circle K locations, and one location in particular, 7th Avenue and Baseline Road, had all of the pumps taped off.

Moments later, the price dropped down to $2.32.

However, another viewer, Rosie Gonzales, was at the Circle K on Central and Roeser, where the price was also at $4.44. She says she spoke to a worker who was still running their pumps, even though another store on 7th Avenue and Broadway was told to turn their pumps off.

The employee at that location said there was allegedly a computer glitch in the morning and were told to turn the pumps off. But some stores kept selling the gas at the inflated price.

We've reached out to Circle K Corporate, but they have not gotten back to us on why so many locations showed this price and why customers were still paying the high amount.