Senator McCain holds several events on his campaign for a sixth term

Arizona Senator John McCain was in the valley, attending several events and speaking out about what the country is talking about.

One of those things is of course, Donald Trump.

McCain's day started with a warm reception at the 92nd Annual Marine Corps Annual Convention in Scottsdale. From there he made his way to Avondale.

Senator McCain's meeting was not open to the public. Instead it was for students and staff here at Universal Technical Institute, and nearly all of the questions were friendly ones.

At UTI they train car and truck mechanics, it's a high-tech place. Sen. McCain marveled at the diagnostic machinery, saying he understood none of it. But politics he does understand, and he was asked about Donald Trump's comments about Megyn Kelly after the GOP debate.

"I think it's pretty obvious that a lot of people found that offensive, a lot of calls into our office, people found it to be offensive, but Mr. Trump is able to say whatever he wants to say in some way," said Sen. John McCain.

On matters of graver national interest, the Senator turned his attention to the middle east.

"I believe every day that goes by we don't defeat ISIS, the chance for another 9/11, another attack on America increases because they're dedicated to doing that," said McCain.

McCain is running for re-election to the Senate for a sixth term in 2016.