Sheepdog Challenge: 10-year-old creates foundation to thank police officers

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Ever since Matten was a little boy, he's loved dogs, especially police K-9's.

"I thank police for keeping us safe and I think everybody should do that!" he said.

Matten was just 7-years-old when he first developed his love and appreciation for law enforcement.

"He took a thank you card to the local precinct three days later when the Baton Rouge ambush happened and he caught wind of it on the news and he was like, 'mommy, we've got to do something,'" said Melissa Roy, Matten's mother.

A few years ago, the now 10-year-old boy created an effort to thank local police officers for their service to the community with the Sheepdog Challenge Foundation.

"He calls it 'Sheepdog Challenge' to challenge others to thank police officers, but he only had a few people do it, so he said, 'OK, I'll just do it myself,' so now we travel the country thanking police officers," Melissa said.

Today, Matten and his mother paid the Phoenix Police Department a visit with lunch, games and prizes for the officers and all of the K-9's.

"To see a kid at his age to understand what really goes on here and the sacrifices that a lot of police make to keep communities safe," Sgt. Rich Maiocco said. "You see the future and you look at that and you go that's kind of cool!"