Shipping delays could mean more money for small, local businesses during holiday season

Shipping delays could be toying with the holidays this year with the fear of gifts not arriving on time.

Now, many are changing how and where they buy and this could give local, small businesses a boost.

The holiday season typically means countless trips to the mall, but with this year's with shipping delays and empty store shelves, many people are choosing to go to markets and shop local where they can get the product and take it home.

Clothes, coasters and a sweet treat

You might be able to find anything you need at Desert Garden Market in Gilbert. The market has a slew of small businesses looking to help you get your holiday shopping started.

"It seems like you can't get stuff in and we have it here. Shop here, we have it in stock and you can support local businesses and you're going to have it faster," said Rachel Peck, co-owner of JUNIEblake.

Beekeeper Trent Haws with Haws Bees is selling his local honey and freeze-dried candy. He says he's already seen an uptick in business this year as people gear up for the holidays.

He credits the product being easier to get and its higher quality.

"When people purchase something from a corporation, it's like a cold purchase. So when they come to a market like this, they get the feel from the actual maker. All of these vendors will make these products and the people can feel the connection to what they're buying," Haws said.

Kallee Wilson with Lace, Grace, & Peonies hand stamps and hand paints marble coasters. She says another major benefit of buying local and in person, you can actually see what you're purchasing and you know the local works and creations won't be stuck on a cargo ship.

"Especially with the coasters, people pick them up and they weigh half a pound each so it's like, whoa. It's one thing to see it online and in pictures and it's another thing to hold them and feel them," Wilson said.

More information on the market can be found here.

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