Video: Arizona doctor Arthur De Luigi accused of assault at WM Phoenix Open

A civil suit has been filed against a former Mayo Clinic doctor who police say randomly attacked a woman at the WM Phoenix Open in February.

FOX 10 obtained video of the attack where Dr. Arthur De Luigi was seen throwing barricades and then shoving a woman, seemingly unprovoked.

De Luigi was once the chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic in the Valley. Now, he is no longer employed there. 

He has been charged with two crimes and is being sued for his actions that night.

Video footage from an attorney representing the alleged victim and police body camera video help tell the story of what happened that night.

What does the footage tell us?

Just outside the WM Phoenix Open entrance gate along Bell Road, a man is seen thrashing some of the metal barricades used to help direct attendees.

The footage takes place on February 8 while a concert was taking place inside the event, according to police.


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Then with a lurch, you can see the man tackle someone to the ground. While one group responds to stop the man, allegedly De Luigi, another group attends to the woman on the ground.

Police handcuff Dr. De Luigi eventually and bodycam footage shows De Luigi attempting to explain his actions.

Mugshot of Arthur J. De Luigi from Scottsdale Police Department

"After I pushed the sign down, I didn't mean any harm to the woman," he says to police.

Who was the alleged victim in this case?

Body cam footage also shows an interview with Katie Clayton. 

Clayton filed a civil lawsuit against the doctor and is believed to be the woman who was pushed to the ground in the video.

She says she told De Luigi to stop pulling down the barricades.


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"I said, ‘hey, stop,' and he just ran at me as fast as he could and slammed me down to the ground," she says in the footage.

Witnesses told police a similar story to Clayton's.

What else happened with De Luigi?

Before he was arrested, De Luigi was escorted out of the venue. 

Bodycam footage captured the walk and talk and the doctor was heard yelling multiple vulgarities at the police officers.

He is charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Mayo Clinic said in a quote to FOX 10 that De Luigi, "is no longer employed by Mayo Clinic."

He and his wife are being sued due to the incident.

What do the charges against De Luigi say?

The lawsuit against De Luigi says he, "suddenly, unexpectedly, negligently and without warning or provocation ran at the plaintiff and body slammed her into the pavement, causing severe injuries."

It also says he lied and made false statements to law enforcement that the plaintiff assaulted him.

Plaintiffs are seeking damages for medical expenses as well as lost pay and emotional distress. 

Representatives for Dr. De Luigi did not respond to requests for comment by FOX 10.