Six Word War; soldiers describe combat

Video edited by Jake Frahm

There's a famous story about author Ernest Hemmingway, Fellow writers challenged him to write a six-word novel.

He came up with "Baby Shoes For Sale Never Worn."

An Arizona soldier has taken that same six-word challenge to a whole new level, the results are poignant and powerful.

It was the brainchild of Captain Shaun Wheelwright, a West Point Graduate and Arizona native who spent over a year fighting in Iraq. He's a big fan of Hemmingway; the six-word novel was on his mind overseas.

"The sun was setting there in Baghdad, and I was watching the soldiers pass by and we'd been through a lot, and I thought I wonder what their six words are," said Capt. Shaun Wheelwright.

He created a Facebook page and asked people, to sum up their war experiences in six words, he got thousands of responses.

"Not everyone can write their own memoir, not everyone is an American Sniper, we've all had these experiences in war, and we're all trying to reintegrate back," said Wheelwright.

"It's not about a book, it's great that it has turned into that, it's about connecting people, helping veterans, helping them understand they are not alone," he said.

Six Word War is available on you can pick up your copy here:

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