Sky Train at Sky Harbor comes to a stop

A power outage caused big headaches for travelers at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

The outage left the Sky Train stranded on the tracks for hours, forcing flyers to find other ways to move about the airport.

Inside the terminals, airport staff redirected some of the travelers inconvenienced by the Sky Train outage.

"Much bigger pain than it normally is, I am so used to riding the Sky Train, it's so much easier," said traveler Richard Caraway.

Anyone trying to get back to the economy parking lots or the terminals had to wait for a crowded bus.

"It is taking about 20-35 minutes to get around Terminal 3," said Caraway.

"You go from one area waiting for the bus to take off, and then you have to wait on another bus to get here just to get to work," said Keith Bush.

In the heat, the frustrations can grow quickly.

"The sign they have down by baggage claim doesn't say the Sky Train is broken, you have to go all the way up to the Sky train to find out it's broken, and then go all the way back down to the baggage claim just to catch the bus," said Allen Friedman.

The outage was traced back to the construction work going on in Terminal 3.

"The terminal modernization construction team inadvertently cut power cables to the Phoenix Sky Train," said Heather Lissner.

About 40-50 people were in the car when it shut down on the tracks. With the help of the Phoenix Fire Department and train operators, the passengers used an emergency walkway to get back to the station.