Snowbot: Autonomous robotic snowblower introduced at CES

Snowbot is an autonomous snow blower robot that can remove snow throughout winter and keep your driveway, sidewalks and yard snow-free. (Snowbot)

The 2021 CES gadget show in Las Vegas featured dozens of exciting new technologies ranging from non-fungible tokens to cars that change color with the flick of a button. 

This year, many consumers were introduced to a device that could leave days of shoveling snow from the driveway in the past.

Snowbot, the world’s first autonomous snowblower may have a hefty price tag of $1,999, but it’s currently sold out. According to the company’s website, there is currently a $5,000 pre-order deposit available for a pro version.

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"Snowbot is a fully autonomous snow cleaning robot so that you don't need to go outside to get snow removed. Let it clean the driveway before you get to work or take kids to school in the morning. Just enjoy your relaxing morning and delicious breakfast," the company says on its website

Snowbot works similarly to the average autonomous robot vacuum like a Roomba which vacuums your home. The device uses a navigation system and an advanced positioning algorithm to plan its cleaning path. 

Snowbot is able to clear up areas with up to 12 inches of light or dry snow, according to the company. 

The device is powered by a 1,123 watt-hour lithium-ion battery and can operate for 1.5 hours cleaning 1,500 square feet of snow on a full charge.