SRP conducts weather experiment in hopes of learning more about monsoon

With what could be an active summer season, SRP is doing a little weather experiment called "How monsoon storms affect the Valley?"

In an attempt to improve local weather forecasts, SRP and the National Weather Service are studying monsoon storms to prepare for the season ahead.

"Help with more efficient power generation and help reduce the number of lengthy power outages if we're more prepared for temperature swings or thunderstorm activity in the Valley," said Bo Svoma of SRP.

The experiment is setting a weather balloon up into the air and attached is a remote package underneath.

"Every second it's collecting information and sending it back to our ground station," Svoma said.

After this past weekend's we weather throughout the Valley, SRP says this year will be nearly unpredictable.

"What just happened was more of a tropical storm nearing the area and now we're going to be dry for about seven to 10 days, but then after that a shift will occur... we'll be in the traditional monsoon season," Svoma said.

All of the data collected will help SRP to get a better idea of what the Valley can expect.

"Anytime you have more data in the weather models, the potentially better they can be at forecasting the weather," Svoma said.