State, Valley leaders weigh in on rumors of a 'smart city' west of Phoenix

In recent days, there are rumors swirling of a plan that, if true, could forever change the landscape of Arizona.

The rumors involve a plot of land that, some say, could become what some call a "smart city". The plot of land in question, located near Tonopah, was reportedly purchased by a company that is possibly linked to Bill Gates.

Gov. Doug Ducey told FOX 10's John Hook he is in full support of the rumored plans in the West Valley.

"Well, we think its really gonna happen," said Gov. Ducey. "We think its really, really exciting."

Arizona Tech Council President and CEO Steve Zylstra said the rumors, if true, will be phenomenal.

"Technological advances throughout time have improved peoples quality of life," said Zylstra. "It's reduced the number of hours they have to work. It's changed jobs to get rid of the really nasty jobs, and allow machines to do the things that are routine and difficult."

In Zylstra's opinion, the rumored location is prime, as it allows developers to start from the ground up, and while isolated, still having connection to the city.

"Transportation is critical to any kind of industry," said Zylstra. "You're trying to build. Gotta have access to freeways and airports."