Storm shreds American Flag at American Legion

It is 30 feet by 60 feet, and hard to miss. Old Glory waved through the good times and it mourned the sad times in the country and the State of Arizona.

American Legion Post #1 on 7th Avenue had just re-raised the huge flag after a repair two weeks ago.

Monday night a monsoon whipped through downtown Phoenix and basically shredded the flag. Just a few stripes were woefully waving by Tuesday morning.

"It was kind of sad, we got a crew to bring it down, what was left was only two strips, and the rest of it we don't know where it is," said Dennis Pogue.

Kathy Garcia went looking in the surrounding neighborhood for any remnants.

"Asked them if they had heard or seen, or had remains of the flag in their yard, their house, or their trees, they all said no, so I don't know what direction it went, but I did try to look for it," said Kathy Garcia.

What is left of the flag will be formally retired in a special ceremony, for now the flag pole in front of the American Legion remains bare.

"I know these people, I love these people, they are all veterans and very heartfelt about their lives and the flag is really important here," said Garcia.

Pogue says the group is now raising $1,400 to replace the flag with one the same size, he says they want the Stars and Trips waving again by September 11.

The remnants that are left still should be disposed of properly, and the post has an honor guard ceremony to dispose of it.