Students credited with saving teacher; honored with lifesaving award

Two middle-school students are credited with saving their teachers life. The girls sprung into action when she had a diabetic episode and lost consciousness during class.

Daphne Dugan and Olivia Lee are being recognized for their quick thinking at a special ceremony this afternoon. The girls were given the "Life Saving Award" by the Glendale Fire Department. Both are 7th graders at the Foothills Fine Arts Academy.

"I honestly was not expecting this at all," said Daphne Dugan. It happened one morning before Christmas break; the students had just sat down to take a math test. "I thought it was really wierd because Ms. Nape usually says good morning or says something, but she didn't say anything."

That's when Ms. Nape fell backwards and hit her head. Olivia called 911 while Daphne went to find another teacher for help.

"By the time Olivia had handed me the phone I knew I needed to step up and not worry about how I'm feeling right now, but worry about how Ms. Nape is going to recover Dugan," she said.

"The whole situation must have been terrifying for the kids in the room, I can't even imagine having my teacher lose consciousness like that, somebody you are used to always being in control," said Michele Knape.

It turns out Ms. Knape's blood sugar has dropped too low causing her to pass out.

"The fact that they had the wherewithal to do what they did is truly amazing, and I'm so grateful," she said.

"If they hadn't been in there and hadn't though fast, I don't know what would have happened," said Knape.

Ms. Knape said the incident certainly scared her, and it's made her more aware of what's going on with her health.