Super bowl fans wait long hours to cheer on their team in the championship

The road to Glendale for Super Bowl 49 is halfway decided. It was a surprising slow start for powerhouse Seattle, but they turned it around. Perhaps they can thank all of the dedicated fans…

Seahawks supporters living here in the valley were obviously a long way from Seattle. Since they couldn't see the game in person, they took a different approach and camped out to line up at a bar hours ahead of game time just to get a good seat.

It's become somewhat of a tradition for Seattle fans here in Arizona. They wait for hours, some even wait overnight, to watch the Seahawks play with other loyal fans here in the valley.

Dozens of Seahawks fans flocked to this Scottsdale bar, Skeptical Chymist, to leave no doubt about who has the loudest fans in the NFL.

The Skeptical Chymist in Scottsdale hosted the largest Seattle Seahawks booster club outside of Washington. These birds of a feather, flocking together, making a nest for the Seahawk's 12th man.

Whatever the score, win or lose, these fans proved that they will support their team until the end.

Many of these fans will be cheering on their team in person. They'll be headed to University of Phoenix Stadium to watch the Seahawks in Super Bowl 49.