'Supermom' who gave birth in SUV, drove herself to the hospital is back home

People across the country are hailing a Phoenix woman for being a supermom. Not only did she deliver her own baby in her car, she kept driving right after.

Shannon Geise was almost at the hospital, but Sebastian just couldn't wait. Geise then pulled over, gave birth, called 911, and then realized it would be faster to drive the rest of the way, than wait for an ambulance.

Ever since FOX 10 Phoenix brought you Geise's story, not only are people in the Valley still talking about it, news outlets from across the country have been contacting her. Geise was able to find a mobile detailer to take on the task of cleaning Sebastian's birthplace.

That happened to be the driver's seat.

"My first question was, 'are you available immediately?'" said Geise. "My second one was 'I should warn you, I gave birth in it. It's going to be bad.'"

The shock, for Geise, still hasn't worn off yet.

"I kept telling them when I was at the hospital, 'I feel like I'm gonna wake up and still be pregnant,'" said Geise. "This is all just a crazy dream."

There are so many things that could go wrong during childbirth, and Geise is grateful there were no complications, and that Sebastian's life story, so far, is an extraordinary one.

"Everybody's just laughing about it, like, you're so crazy," said Geise. "Well, it was not my intention to do that!"