Surprise visitor: Bull elk rings doorbell with his antlers at Colorado home

An unusual and surprising guest visited a home in Colorado last month — a bull elk. 

Security footage, provided by homeowner James F. Jonell, shows the elk bumping into the home’s doorbell with one of its massive antlers. The doorbell can be heard in the video. 

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According to Jonell, the bell rang when the animal bent over to eat potted flowers on his front porch. 

"I was shocked," Jonell told FOX Television Stations of seeing the video.

He said this isn't the first time that wildlife, including elk, have been near their property, but it was definitely the first time one has been this close. 

"We were quite surprised and pleased," Jonell continued. 

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, elk serve as one of Colorado’s most ecologically and economically important mammals. 

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The animal is the largest of Colorado’s native deer (seven to nine feet long, with a four to six-inch tail, and weighing 450 – 900 pounds). 

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