Teacher returns to classroom after he was hit by a car

This new school year has special meaning for a Valley teacher, who is thankful to be back at work.

Anthony Webster was helping a woman on the side of the road, when he was hit by a car and badly hurt. Webster said it's part miracle, not only that he survived after getting hit by a car, but also that he recovered as quickly as he did. He credits his speedy recover to his supportive students.

"I thought I was going to die," said Webster. "I felt like I was going to die, just being there, so many prayers."

It happened on July 6, when Webster was on his way home from work, and saw a woman on the side of the road violently shaking.

"She was just shaking, and no one would help her," said Webster. "I didn't understand why. Once I finally go there to help her, people started pulling over to help us."

While on the phone with 911, everything went black suddenly for Webster.

"I step out slowly into the street to let cars know, because ambulance is coming," said Webster. "Finally got close. Everyone stopped, but one car didn't stop. After that, four days later, I woke up in the hospital."

Webster spent four days in the ICU. He suffered a broken nose, as well as deep gashes down his back and along his arms.

"It's so funny, how you get hit by a car and go through that, and can't remember any of the stuff that happened," said Webster. "I remember nothing, but I'm glad in a way, because that sounds like it hurt."

Last week, Webster returned to teaching, even though doctors thought it would take three to four months for him to heal. Webster said though he went through a lot, all from helping a stranger, he would do it all again.

"If I had to help her again, I would go through the same exact thing," said Webster. "You're here to help other people."

The driver who hit Webster did stay on scene and cooperated with police, but Webster is going to press charges. In addition, Webster also hopes to get in touch with the woman he was trying to help, although he has no idea who she is, or how she is doing.