Teachers, parents scramble following charter school's abrupt closure

Many teachers have been left without a job, following the abrupt closure of the Discovery Creemos Academy (formerly known as Bradley Academy) on Tuesday.

The closing of the West Valley charter school came, after several days of confusion. Besides teachers, the closure is also affecting parents, as they scrambled to find a new school for their kids, at a point in time that is past the halfway mark for the academic year.

Adding to the problem: documents are locked up in the school that teachers can't access.

Even with a two-paragraph explanation on the school's closure, there are still many questions in regards to the school closing. Meanwhile, reality is setting in for the now-former teachers and staff of the school.

"You didn't get fired, you didn't quit," said one person who worked at the school. "He just shut the doors on you."

One week after they were notified via letter that the school has shut down indefinitely, the teachers gathered. Everyone at this table shared the same sentiment, and asked the same questions.

"I wanna know what happened to the money," said one person who worked at the school.

Dozens of teachers and staffers left lost, jobless, in the middle of the school year. They never saw it coming.

"Trying to find me another job," said one teacher. "Who would think that in January, you wont have a job?"

"We're all tortured now to find a job midway, which is really hard for a teacher," said another teacher.

In the letter from the school to staffers and families, the school blames an "endless barrage of adversities" as the reason for shutting down. In addition, the statement pointed to a lack of financial resources. Some staff members, however, find the situation sketchy.

There are rumors the school's CEO, Daniel Hughes, is no where to be found.