Teen violence probe in Gilbert; border crossing closure shows its impact: this week's top stories

This week's top stories include the latest consumer product recalls, the impact an ongoing border crossing closure is having on communities, and investigation into teen violence in one East Valley town.

Here are the top stories from Dec. 17-23.

1. The latest consumer recalls


Latest consumer product recalls: Quaker Oats granola bars and cereals, Coca-Cola products, and more

Quaker Oats is recalling granola bars and cereals sold nationwide over a risk of salmonella; hundreds of thousands of air fryers have been recalled after three reportedly caused burn injuries; thousands of Coca-Cola products are being recalled due to the presence of potential foreign matter; nearly two million travel irons are being recalled due to burn, fire and shock risks; Traeger is recalling one of its propane flat top grill models due to and incorrectly labeled burner knob, which the company says can lead to a fire hazard.

2. Border crossing closure affecting communities


Rocky Point local says 'there’s nobody here' as Lukeville port of entry remains closed during migrant surge

The border crossing at Lukeville, the main route to Rocky Point, remains closed as of this weekend, with no word of when it might reopen. "I'm in Rocky Point sitting on the beach all by myself."

3. Tragedy ahead of the holidays in Northwestern Arizona


5 kids killed in Bullhead City house fire as dad went Christmas, grocery shopping, police say

Five kids tragically died in a house fire in Bullhead City on Saturday night, the police department said, and days later, we're learning more about what happened.

4. Latest on death of NFL player


Cause of death report filed for former Florida NFL player

A cause of death report filed by the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner said former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams died of several causes related to his overall health – but stopped short of saying an injury to his head was a culprit.

5. Shocking find at thrift store


$3.99 vase bought at Goodwill turns out to be worth over $100,000

A woman who bought a vase for $3.99 at a Virginia thrift store recently sold it for $107,000.

6. Latest on Preston Lord murder investigation


Preston Lord murder investigation: Queen Creek Police say some parents are not cooperating with probe

Queen Creek's police chief made the claim in a statement that was issued in connection with an ongoing investigation into an incident back in October that led to the death of the 16-year-old teen.

7. Crime shocks Phoenix community


Teen, 2 men and a woman killed in apparent murder-suicide in Phoenix

A woman, two men and a teenager are dead after what police say was an apparent triple murder-suicide on Monday, Phoenix Police said.

8. Police speak out on ‘Gilbert Goons’


Gilbert Goons: Police speak out amid community concerns over teen violence

Gilbert Police officials have released photos connected to an assault incident earlier in the year, as the department looks into cases that might be connected with the so-called 'Gilbert Goons' group.

9. Murderer learns his fate in court


Man sentenced to 50 years in prison for killing his wife, unborn child in Phoenix

Earlier this month, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office says Villareal pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in the death of Lomes and his unborn child. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.

10. Police cruiser involved in deadly crash


Phoenix Police cruiser involved in fiery, deadly crash

Police are investigating a fiery crash on Thursday involving a Phoenix Police SUV that left one person dead.