Tempe City Council holds hearing on whether or not to add more medical marijuana dispensaries

Some Tempe residents spoke to Tempe City Council asking to allow more medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

"The more, honestly, the better, because it gives people who don't want to have all of the side effects of a prescription medication and want something that can leave their system quickly and not have that next day hangover from like a muscle relaxer or a pain killer," said a resident.

Right now there are two dispensaries in Tempe.

City council had a public hearing about potentially adding more and if so, the restrictions on where the dispensaries would be located.

"I'd love to have a little more choice in the east valley without having to go to west valley where there's a lot more, so I think Tempe could definitely benefit from more dispensaries," said the resident."

The requirement right now is for a dispensary to be at least a quarter mile from a school, but some are asking for a mile and for limits on how many dispensaries can be allowed in Tempe.

"I work with teenagers and young adults and their families who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. So one of the biggest things they're continuing to struggle with and use is marijuana. So we just wanted our voice to be heard that we didn't want more dispensaries coming to the city of Tempe," said an opposing resident.

Concerned citizens spoke up about the possible dangers of adding more dispensaries.

"The teenagers are getting medical marijuana from other people who have medical cards. But they're either selling it or giving it to them," said an opposing resident.

The second hearing and final vote will be held on May 4.