Tempe neighbors get brand new yard thanks to middle school students

All semester long, these kids from Gililland Middle School have been learning lessons on landscape design and this morning, the kids put their skills to work and also gave back to the community in a special way this holiday season.

"I had now way of getting out there and mowing the law like I used to do many years ago," Anne Lorsvach said.

Gililland Middle School partnered with the interior design firm ADM Group and the City of Tempe and found two homes needing landscape design.

They presented their designs earlier this year to Anne and one other neighbor.

Anne says she loved it.

"I loved it, yes, because I've always wanted to put gravel in the back," she said.

So this morning, students turned a yard into their classroom. They got down and dirty to show the lessons they've learned on landscape design and the lesson they learned on community.