The leopard is ready to move ‘meowtains’ on ‘The Masked Singer’

Think you can guess who is underneath the lavish costumes featured in “The Masked Singer”? Here’s another competitor vying for the golden trophy: the leopard.

The leopard said he or she is ready to move “meow-tains” with a stunning “purr-formance.”

“When I stalk my prey – they never see it coming, and the creatures on this show won’t see it either,” the leopard said.

The leopard’s costume is a Baroque-era outfit featuring a contoured Elizabethan waist that was chosen to hide the physique of the mystery celebrity. It took designers more than 30 consecutive days to create.

One hint the leopard gave is that he or she has been spotted with the president.

“America, do you think you know who I am? I’m not letting this cat out of the bag until I unmask on finale night,” the competitor growled.

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