Thief steals Amazon Prime packages from front doorstep

A Phoenix family found some great deals on Amazon's Prime Day, buying electronics and security cameras.

But the goods never made it into their home, ironically a security camera that was already set up caught the thief stealing the packages from their front door step.

They ordered about $800 worth of electronics last Wednesday, and they were delivered two days later. But not more than two hours after the packages were dropped off, someone snatched them from the front porch.

"I want him caught, I'm thankful it was just video equipment, everything can be replaced," said Lori Clendenin.

The thieves made off with two Kindles and more security cameras.

"I was home the entire time. I called USPS, and they legally don't have to knock on your front door, so they're not responsible," said Clendenin.

"If he would've rang the doorbell, or if he would've knocked, any way of alerting us hey there is something outside for you, I would've gone and got it, that's all he had to do, now I have to go through all this," she said.

The packages were stolen from the home that is near 32nd Street and Thunderbird.

They filed a police report, but authorities have not been able to identify the man.

If you have any information on the thief's identity, you're asked to call Phoenix Police.