Thieves robbing the elderly; posing as utility workers

It's a scary scene playing out in homes across the valley, this time police say the elderly are being targeted. Lately, two men have been robbing the elderly in the Arcadia neighborhood.

"They knock on the door, and one guy usually portrays himself to be some type of utility or construction worker. He says he needs to go into the backyard and take some measurements for some lines they need to bury," said Phoenix Police Sergeant Theresa Clark.

While that guy is with the victim, another creeps inside and takes money, small electronics, and jewelry.

There have been thirty cases so far in Phoenix, city-wide, and 20 in the outlying areas.

Phoenix Police are putting residents on alert.

"We really want the residents to identify them, ask for their credentials, make sure they are legitimate. When in doubt call Crimestoppers for an officer to come over and respond," said Sgt. Clark.

Initially, Phoenix Police detectives were working within the City of Phoenix, but now this has turned into a multi-agency investigation.

The phone number for Crimestoppers is 602-262-6151. If you feel it is an emergency you should call 911.

Police ask if you know anyone who is elderly, or have family or neighbors who are, to let them know what is going on.

Officers are also calling valley senior centers to alert them.