Toddler dies after being pulled from swimming pool

Police say a 2-and-a-half-year-old has died after being pulled from a swimming pool during an apparent holiday gathering at a Phoenix home.

Phoenix police say the toddler wasn't breathing after she was pulled from the pool and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Lt. Pat Tortorici says several adults were inside the home when the little girl somehow got outside.

"The adults went to the hospital with the child and when they were advised that the child had passed away, there was a lot of emotion," he said. "Somehow, the baby got in the backyard and they found the baby in the pool."

Lt. Tortorici says to always watch your kids, especially if there's a pool around because it doesn't take long for something so tragic like this to happen.

"You can't leave a child alone for any amount of time at all because it doesn't take any amount of time for a tragedy like this to happen," he said.

Police say this is an ongoing investigation and wouldn't say how long the child was under water or if there was a fence around the pool.