Two people hit in crosswalk were volunteering at nearby LDS temple

A Gilbert woman remains hospitalized after a car plowed into her as she walked to the Mormon temple Saturday evening.

The woman was pinned under an SUV and FOX10 spoke with her husband who along with bystanders sprang into action to rescue her.

The LDS temple is currently open to the public for tours. It was a busy area Saturday evening when Gilberto and Laura LaParra were heading to the temple. An accident nearby changed their plans when it plowed into them leaving Laura in critical condition.

"I was holding hands with my wife and the car just hit her," said Gilberto. Gilberto and a few bystanders lifted the SUV to rescue Laura.

"It was a really bad image to see her lay down and trying to reach me and talked to me and I thought I was losing her in that moment," he said.

Laura was rushed to a hospital where she remains in critical condition. "The doctors have said to be honest that she is right at the edge she has a 50 percent rate of survival," said Nanci Wudel.

Just before the accident the LaParra's were going to volunteer as tour guides at the temple, "my parents were doing something good that night," said Shannon LaParra, Laura's daughter.

Now the family and friends are hoping Laura makes it and asking for prayers for her recovery. "We can have a miracle and she can be with us, I know that, I feel that," said Gilberto.

The family said it would have been the third time the LaParra's were volunteering as tour guides at the new temple.

If you'd like to help the family, you can make a donation to the Laura LaParra Assistance Fund at any Wells Fargo location or go to