Uber self-driving cars back on the streets following Friday crash

Ridesharing company Uber's self-driving cars are back on Valley roads on Monday, just days after it decided to pull the cars off the streets, following an accident involving one of the cars in the fleet.

The crash took place in Tempe on Friday. According to Tempe Police, the Uber SUV was heading south on McClintock when a driver made an illegal left turn, crashing into the SUV. The SUV rolled onto its side.

According to Tempe Police, the Uber SUV involved was not at fault, and the driver has been cited for failing to yield.

According to officials with Uber, they paused the self-driving car's operations and passenger pilots, in order to better understand happened, and by Monday, the company felt confident in putting the cars back on the road.

The cars may be back up and running, some users still remain skeptical.

"It's a machine, anything can happen without a person in there," said Brook Begumbia.

"I think its neat with technology and be able to advance, but then again, it is a machine, it's not perfect, it's kind of scary," said Madison Miller.

A spokesperson for Governor Doug Ducey, who proclaimed his support for Uber's program when it launched a month ago, said they are waiting for more details.

Tempe Police are expected to release a report detailing the crash, at a later time this week.