United Blood Services targeting teens in High School Blood Drive Challenge

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- When someone donates blood, they help more than one person in need, and that is why a Valley teen is sharing her experience as a blood recipient.

On Wednesday, Mia McPolland met with some of her heroes at a special event held by united blood services.

"It doesn't only help me, but it helps everyone else that needs a blood transfusion," said McPolland.

McPolland, 15, suffers from a rare blood disorder, and shared her story as a blood recipient.

"I go every three weeks to get a blood transfusion," said McPolland. "I'm almost 16 now, so as you can see, it's a lot. A lot of blood."

McPolland has had over 200 blood transfusions. While she's not the typical teen, she's full of spirit and positivity, something she was able to share on Wednesday, as the guest speaker at a very special event.

"I'm pumped for working at the blood drives, and to get the word out, and to really show them how important it is," said McPolland.

The United Blood Services has kicked off the High School Blood Challenge, honoring teens in their success of donating blood, keeping their title as the largest blood donor group in Arizona for 14 years in a row.

"Teenager are the largest donor demographic in Arizona," said Tyler Patterson with the United Blood Services. "They are responsible for about one in five donations."

United Blood Services had a very special surprise for McPolland, as she got the chance to meet two of the donors who she received blood from. One of them came all the way from Yuma, and says her life changed completely after meeting McPolland.

"After meeting Mia, it's when it sunk in, and I started noticing that people around me needed blood transfusions," said Briana Fregozo.

United Blood Services is a nationwide network, and during an emergency event, the Arizona center helps the affected areas with blood needs.

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