Valley business donates shade structure to Gilbert horse ranch

It's work that's been going on since 8 a.m.

Employees with Corral Kraft are spending their own time and money helping provide shad for more than a dozen horses.

"My guy Kevin saw your news story, showed it to me, and we said, 'Hey, this is perfect for us to come out and donate a shade,'" said Tyler Tiensvold, owner of Corral Kraft. "We had one in stock, ready to go and here we are today putting some shade up for these horses."

The gift from Tyler's company comes at a perfect time for the Wild Horse Rescue Ranch in Gilbert.

"This is Einstein, he just wants attention," Dave Klingensmith said.

Dave has been volunteering at the rescue for the past six years. It's a place that has provided refuge for vulnerable horses with a home for two decades.

As we reported a few weeks ago, a storm destroyed one of their shade structures, leaving this whole area off limits until now.

"It's just like humans," Klingensmith said. "You've gotta have shade. They get dehydrated and stuff. Some of the animals here, they're abused so they have other issues and that kind of compounds itself with the heat."

The shade is especially important as the temperatures continue to rise. A hot weekend is in store for the Valley, but it's one that the rescue will now be prepared for.

"I could not thank Corral Kraft enough," Klingensmith said.