Valley businesses celebrate 'Indie Week'

This week, over 400 Valley businesses celebrate "Indie Week," and in order to cash out on big bargains, all you need is a golden ticket.

The week-long celebration of local businesses works in part of Independence Day. "Indie Week" encourages consumers to support local and independently-owned businesses, like Zia Records.

"People come out and what we're doing is really trying to remind people that there's an experience that's to be had and shopping locally really does support that whole notion to bring people out locally," said Jarrett Hankinson, CEO and owner of Zia Records.

To thank consumers for shopping local, Zia Records and other Valley businesses are offering customers 20 percent savings with the golden coupon. By consumer spending their money locally, they're actually saving the local economy.

"When you spend your money at a local business, up to four times more of it will actually stay in your community, recirculate and create more jobs, keep more taxes in our community that support our parks and fire departments and all the things that keep our cities running," said Thomas Barr of Local First Arizona. "It's really exciting. People really do watch for these coupons and really want to use them in our community."

Local First Arizona