Valley cleaning company upping its protocols for businesses amidst spread of COVID-19 coronavirus

As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues, cleanliness is top of mind for a lot of people.

On Friday, a Valley cleaning company gave FOX 10 a closer look at how they work to keep Valley businesses germ-free.

It's a full disinfection, with rooms inside a Scottsdale spa being sprayed down, killing all the germs inside.

Eric Vomfell, CEO of Full Spectrum Disinfection say they are going through this process more, as COVID-19 coronavirus spreads.

"We have the most sought-after tech for disinfection," said Vomfell. "It is used by the CDC here and in China, and is globally used for remediation infection control for coronavirus.” 

The company can do this with their SteraMist system, which was created to combat anthrax. The system is used by the CDC and USDA, The systems have a high rate of kill on a variety of pathogens - including MRSA, E. coli, the H1N1, norovirus, and the coronavirus.

The system uses a low dose of hydrogen peroxide, which is fed though a patented applicator that turns it into a dense fog.

"It turns it into a hydroxyl radical, and that’s what gives us the ability to kill or inactivate virus," said Vomfell.
"It is important for our spa to have the utmost infectious control, because we take very personally the guest experience," Brittany Balazek.

Officials with the cleaning firm for those who want to disinfect their home, using bleach or hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners can be effective.

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