Valley couple takes wedding photos at Circle K

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It was a cloudy spring day last April when Lexy and Michael Thorpe tied the knot at the Hackett house in Tempe.

"Everything was so smooth, we couldn't have asked for a better day," Lexy said. "It should have rained, but for some reason it didn't."

After their vows were taken, the bride got a crazy idea.

"Why don't we just go to Circle K, you know, let's go, let's just do it," Lexy said.

"She likes Circle K," Michael said.

The couple drove off to the Circle K at the corner of University and Ash in Tempe and they brought their good friend and wedding photographer with them.

"We were literally coming out and getting in the car and they said, 'Let's go to Circle K,'" Emily Murtagh said. "In my head I'm thinking, 'Circle K?'"

Emily Murtaugh captured the image of the couple walking into the Circle K and Lexy not caring about her dress.

"She ruined her wedding dress even," Michael said.

"But you know it was so worth it, it's not like I'm going to wear my wedding dress again," Lexy replied.

Their first stop was the soda machine.

"I've got pictures of them getting their drink," Emily said.

Then some snacks.

"Three hot dogs, two beers, a bag of gummy bears and a soda, I think," Michael said.

One of the hot dogs was for their photographer.

"I had my camera in one hand, eating a hot dog and clicking away," Emily said.

The couple said the reaction inside the Circle K was that of shock, but the pictures were a big hit.

"It was something that I thought about, but didn't really think we should do, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing," Lexy said. "Just do it."