Valley elementary students get much needed school supplies

Hundreds of Valley elementary school kids received all the supplies they need for the school year, from folders to notebooks to backpacks.

"It took a couple of months and all of our employees participated," Jeff Measty said.

It took time and effort, but employees at Desert Schools Credit Union managed to collect 400 brand new backpacks, pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, markers, pencil cases, and glue. All the supplies essential for back to school.

"It absolutely gives them the resources they need so that when they come to school, they've got everything they need to focus on learning and focus on the academic setting, and so when there's no distractions, there's no missing resources, kids can be more successful," said Chad Smith, principal of Balsz Elementary School.

The credit union employees already plan on holding the exact same drive for the next school year.