Valley family's pet dog shot and killed by burglar

It's something that Sharon and Perry Moler may never understand.

"He should be ashamed of himself, he has no respect for life," Perry said.

A burglar shot and killed their 7-year-old boxer, Phobe, and stole thousands of dollar worth of jewelry and electronics from their home.

"What if our son had been at home alone with the dog?" Sharon asked. "Would he have shot our son?"

Now, they just want whoever is responsible caught. Phoenix police say surveillance video shows a man using a credit card that was stolen from the Moler's home during the burglary.

Perry says when he and his 13-year-old son got home that Monday evening they noticed they're house was ransacked. That's when Perry's son found Phobe shot dead in the backyard.

"He was mortified," Perry said. "He has instantly broke down and cried when he saw her. I couldn't protect him from that and it was devastating."

The family is desperate for justice and hopes the video will help police track down a burglar and killer.

"The only thing that would give us any solace would be to catch this guy, get him off the street," Perry said. "Who knows if he's going to take someone else's pet's life."