Valley law enforcement ready for securing events and the big game

In downtown Phoenix you cannot miss the police presence, they're everywhere and that was the plan.

"There is a buzz in the air and it is going to be a good time for the City of Phoenix, and it is going to be a safe and secure event," said acting Police Chief Joe Yahner.

For the past year agencies across the valley have been working on a Super Bowl security plan, federal authorities also pitched in too.

"I think the key is vigilance, and we have devoted a lot of resources to making sure the event is safe and secure. We had a successful event last year, although it was a lot colder, and I believe we will have a successful event this year," said Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Johnson met with local police and the National Football League. He says there haven't been any specific threats against the Super Bowl, but now there is an increased focus on preventing "Lone Wolf" style attacks.

"Independent actors can be motivated by a terrorist purpose without going to a terrorist training camp, without receiving orders from a terrorist leader," he said.

That is something Glendale Police are watching closely too. The city is responsible for security at the game.

Glendale hosted the Super Bowl back in 2008 and since then terrorist tactics have changed.

"The biggest thing from my perspective is going to be the impact of cyber and social media. We are really paying attention to what is going on there and any threats that might emerge through those channels," said Glendale Police Chief Debora Black.

In both Glendale and Phoenix, every police officer will be working over the next few days.

"The world's eyes are on us during this week and for this event, for that reason there is a great deal of pride," she said.