Valley pair invent robotic bartender

Making the perfect mixed drink is considered an exact science. A science that some bartenders and mix-ologists have mastered and turned into a decent living.

But what if you had a machine that could the perfect mixed drink?

A valley couple says they've created that exact machine.

One of Barbotic's co-founders used to be a bartender and wanted a way for the average person to create consistent, cocktails at home. What emerged is a counter-top machine that mixes custom drinks, on-demand, without a trip to the bar or the hefty tab that goes with it.

You're watching the making of "Breaking Bad". No, not the TV show, but the cocktail with the same name; it's one of the hundreds you can make with this robotic bartender called "Barbotics."

"I wanted something where you could create really quality drinks, you don't have to go out every time to get it where it's expensive," said Rachael Blake.

Rachel Blake co-founded Barbotics 3 years ago with long time friend David Duggan. The two created an online database of cocktail recipes that talks directly to the Barbotics machine.

"Once you click on the recipe that you want it will tell you the description the ingredients and the instructions and when you're ready to order just hit go," said David Duggan.

With space for 12 different liquors and juices, Barbotics can make you drinks like a Cosmo, Spring Fling, or Tequila Sunrise. You can even adjust levels of sweetness, sourness or alcohol content, making mixology easier for both you and your bartender.

"Not only is it annoying to have to wait for drinks but cocktail waitresses and bartenders that's stressful for them to have so many people there and not be able to service them," said Blake.

Barbotics was recently chosen as a semi-finalist in a startup competition. If Barbotics moves to the next round, Rachel and David will move to Buffalo, perfecting their product at an incubator.

"Out of 13,000 companies only a hundred were chosen so to be this far is an honor," said Blake.

The final contest prize? 1 million dollars. A sum certainly worthy of a celebratory drink.

Rachel and David haven't set a price for Barbotics yet, but they say the at-home model will be similarly priced to a Keurig Coffee Maker.