Valley pre-schoolers test toys for the holidays

Some valley pre-schoolers have a very tough job ahead of them, testing out the latest and greatest toys. The Goodard School in Scottsdale is one of 50 schools participating.

The test will create a top ten list in time for the holiday season.

The pre-schoolers at the school became professional toy testers for the week.

It's one of 50 locations across the nation participating in the 8th annual toy test. Toy manufacturers send in their latest and greatest where the kids put them through their paces.

"A lot of engineering type of toys so they can build so that they can create," said Natalia Elfimova.

You won't find any electronic toys or any video games here, the goal is to find toys that encourage children to use their senses while playing and learning.

"They were chosen for something we can call stem; science, technology, engineering, and math. These toys teach them these concepts," said Becky McMahon.

While the kids play, educators watch carefully to see how the kids react to the toys and see how long the kids stay interested. They'll compile their findings and come November, the Goddard School will produce their annual top-ten toy list.

"It's very exciting, it's Christmas for them today, as they get to explore through the different toys and to get their perspective on what is a fun toy to them," said McMahon.

The Goddard school will post their findings in time for the holidays. The school says they will purchase 100 of which ever toy gets honors and donate them to Toys for Tots.