Valley residents prepare for heat wave

After four days of record heat last week the valley could be in for another record setting weekend. People are trying to find ways they can stay cool. One way is to hit the pools and take the edge off the extreme heat. People are taking the forecast seriously, but if you don't have a pool there are other ways to prep.

"We've been busier, everybody's been nervous about this heat wave, and they've been buying pools and a lot of things for pets too," said Miguel Bustamante.

Bustamante says the $10 kiddie pools are popular, but many buy them for their pets and the kids. Also popular are cool towels that some hikers say work.

Mister fans run about $100 and will cool the whole patio, Bustamante says they've sold 20 in the past two weeks. The $10 versions are also quite popular.

"Hikers, construction workers, anybody. People who don't have A/C in their car. You can use it and just spray yourself. It cools you off in 120 degree weather, it will cool you down," he said.

Tony says he's been here long enough to respect the heat. He worries about visitors and people who haven't lived here long.

"Yeah, they don't expect how hot it is, they know it's hot, they don't expect the 120's. I worry about them," said Tony.