Valley students return to the classroom for 1st day of school

A lot of students started school on August 7, including Creighton District and the almost 1,000 kids who learn inside Papago School.

Kids from Pre-K through 8th grade came back at 7:30 this morning after summer vacation, but teachers like Mrs. Melcher have been preparing for months, and getting their rooms and curriculum ready and are always grateful for help from parents.

"Something that's really important that I always ask for at the beginning of the year are supplies like paper towels, hand sanitizer those kind of things but always it's helpful to get wiper markers," she said. "Those are some of the big things."

And it will be a busy year! This particular school, Papago, will be teaching robotics and coding to all of their students, as well.

Most students started school either today or last week, but there are a few districts that will be starting on Wednesday.