Valley woman believes she's found the man responsible for her sister's disappearance 27 years ago

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - It's been nearly 30 years since the disappearance of Brandy Myers. Some may call this a cold case, but her younger sister believes she knows who the killer is, and she wants him to be charged with her death.

On what would have been Brandy Myers' 40th birthday, her younger sister, Kristin, hopes to get justice.

Kristin has been asking people to sign a petition, urging prosecutors to charge a man who she believes is the killer. He's already in custody for murdering two other women, but she says that's not enough.

"I'm the one that's out here, putting my foot to the pavement," Kristin said. "[I'm] trying to push this letter."

Back in 1992, 13-year-old Brandy Myers was last seen walking in her neighborhood near 51st St. and Hatcher, asking for donations for a book-a-thon. Her younger sister, Kristin, was supposed to go with her.

"I understand that I have survivor's guilt and remorse," Kristin said. "And I definitely blamed myself for Brandy's disappearance and now that I've worked through those things, I'm stronger -- but it hurts every day."

Decades went by without any leads, until 2015 when investigators found a man named Bryan Miller, who lived in the same area as Brandy and her family.

"He lived three blocks from my house and one block from our school," Kristin said. "So we walked by him every single day. We had no idea we were living by this monster."

Thanks to DNA evidence, Miller has since been charged with the deaths of Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas, who were found dead in the Arizona canals in the 90s. But Kristin says that's not enough.

"There's nothing in my mind that says, 'It's OK, he's in jail forever, no,'" Kristin said. "He's actually looking at the death penalty, but he's looking at the death penalty for Angela Brosso and Melanie Bernas. They're also looking at him for four more murders. I believe each woman who lost her life to this man deserves a charge."

Miller's double murder trial is set for April. As for Brandy Myers, her body has yet to be found.

We reached out to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office and they said this case was reviewed in 2016 and it was determined that there is no likelihood of conviction due to lack of evidence, which is why Miller has not been charged specifically with Brandy's death.

Prosecutors say they will review any case if more evidence becomes available.