Valley woman says apartment's wiring is unsafe

A valley woman is living in fear, worried about the wiring in her apartment.

Frances Bohnsack rents a small apartment near 12th St and Van Buren for $450 a month, an apartment she says she doesn't feel safe living in.

"what is happening is these two bars do not connect because they sizzle... these things have sizzled so many times, this one is not all the way on," said Frances Bohnsack.

Frances says she has been trying to get the place fixed without success. CR property services in North Phoenix manages the property. They wouldn't go on camera, but told us they've tried to make repairs but Frances hasn't let them get the job done.

It sounds like a case for the City of Phoenix Landlord/Tenant Counseling Program. First a tenant has to make a complaint about the conditions, then the city sends out an investigator to look for signs of trouble. If the city finds unsafe conditions they can order the landlord make the place livable.

The City of Phoenix also counsels landlords with how to handle problem tenants. Since it started the program has counseled over 3,800 tenants and 400 landlords.

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