Valley woman shares her story of overcoming an eating disorder

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - On the heels of this year's National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, a Valley woman is speaking out about her struggle and victory over anorexia.

Working out wasn't always about health and fitness for Tanis Studt.

"I was 5'9" and under 100 pounds," said Tanis Studt.

When Tanis was 19-years-old she started struggling with an eating disorder, exercising for fun turned into an obsession that caused her to drop nearly 50 pounds.

"Once the exercise hit a plateau I started limiting food or getting rid of foods or binge eating and obsessively exercising it off," explained Tanis. " I would just look in the mirror and thought I was fat even though I was dropping weight like crazy."

The battle continued for seven years until she started training with Ryan Read, owner of Thrive Specialized Training.

Her attitude and approach changed drastically because of Read's techniques.

"I pretty much told her that it's ok to gain weight, it's ok to be over 100 pounds, people aren't going to look at you weird, it's a mental disorder," said Ryan Read.

Read waited to develop a relationship of trust before pushing Tanis physically and mentally. He does the same for dozens of other women who suffer as she did.

"Healthy is getting in the gym, being active, eating when you are hungry, not being afraid to look at yourself see some curve, and be appreciative of what you have you work hard for it," says Read.

Regular exercise and a meal plan also provided by Read have helped Tanis get on track. Her weight is up, she gained over 20 pounds in just six months of training. Her confidence is up too.

"I'm not depressed, I'm not worried all the time, I'm more happy, I'm more free, I can live a life without counting calories, it's a lot more balanced," says Tanis.

Tanis says she wouldn't have found that balance without Read and credits him with saving her life.