Valley yoga studio specializes in classes for tweens

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Valley yoga studio is focusing their attention on a very special group of individuals.

Yoga instructor Michelle McIntyre puts her class through its paces. Her studio is called Generation Zen, and it is specifically tailored to a certain demographic.

"Yoga classes for teenagers, tweens 10 to 14-years-old," said Michelle.

She says yoga is extremely beneficial for that age group.

"Not only am I teaching them yoga but mindfulness tools so things they can do just to help them get through those tough times of not being not quite a teenager, but you're not a kid either," says Michelle.

The kids who took the class agree.

"I like that it calms you down when you've had a stressful day," said Sasha who took the class.

"Once they do it -- they can benefit from the stretching and the overall feeling, but it's also mental, that aspect is so great too -- it's non-competitive you're really just focused on your mat and not what everyone else is doing," said Michelle.

Finding a space to stretch your mind and body during what can be a difficult age. Classes are offered for boys and girls.

For more info on the class, click here.