Vandals damage downtown Chandler businesses

Vandals struck downtown Chandler, spraying graffiti on businesses, damaging signs, and breaking into offices.

Both have been caught, and now Chandler Police reveal the possible motive.

The graffiti is critical of police, but Chandler PD says they don't have much of a history with the suspects. One of them did tell officers he did not like how downtown Chandler has developed over the years.

Police say the vandals burglarized a business and knocked down signs in addition to the graffiti.

"There were all these wooden signs that identified what type of business it is, but they left mine, and they left the boutique," said Randy Walters.

Walters restaurant, Wimpy's Paradise, wasn't completely spared. His building got hit with the anti-Chandler PD graffiti too.

"The police department was phenomenal, it is so ironic that they were tagging anti-police stuff, and the police caught them," said Walters.

Officers showed up after the two suspects broke a window, tripping an alarm system in one of the buildings. Police say they found Alfredo Jimenez, and Victor Osuna, both 20-years-old, in the area and arrested them.

"The information that we were initially told is that one of the individuals lives in the neighborhood and is not happy with the development of downtown Chandler," said Seth Tyler, with Chandler Police.

Downtown Chandler has changed dramatically over the years, and has become a popular east valley nightspot.

"This is by far the worst thing that has happened to us, and I don't even think that it is that bad, it's a nuisance," said Niels Kreipke.

Kreipke owns the building that the two suspects broke into. He and the other owners didn't waste time cleaning up damage, and painting over the graffiti.

"It is a shame, but it is not going to hinder the progress that we have made, and the progress of where we are heading," said Kreipke.

Before heading to downtown Chandler, police say the two tagged signs at a strip mall near Alma School and Commonwealth. They also damaged the newly renovated clubhouse at the San Marcos Country Club.

Both suspects have been booked for criminal damage and burglary, which are classified as felony charges.