Vandals scrawl "KKK" onto hood of cars in Phoenix apartment complex

Vandals have allegedly targeted an apartment complex in Phoenix.

Residents said at least a dozen cars in the complex were defaced with messages of hate -- etched into the paint.

On Saturday afternoon, at least five cars were seen bearing the offensive messages. The word "KKK" was scratched onto the hood of many of them, including the car of one woman, only identified as "CC".

"CC" almost pulled off Saturday morning, without even realizing she would be driving around with the offending words scratched into her car hood. "CC" said the community has been nice, and the neighbors have been nice as well. As a result, the incident has shocked her.

"To come outside, wake up in the morning, and find a personalized hate message on something that you own, it's hurtful," said "CC".

Some of the cars vandalized are reportedly only two months old. One car was only one week old.

"Very angry," said one woman, who did not want to be identified. "I can't believe that someone can do this, have so much hate, and just come in and scratch a car."

Residents said several officers came through Saturdday morning to take reports.

"I can't believe there's people out there that could do something like this, and just not feel sorry or have remorse for the 15 people," said "CC". "You just might of ruined their day, ruined their week."