Visitors to the Valley surprised by winter storm that brought rain to the region

Many people come to the Valley to get away from bad winter weather around the country, and some are probably not pleased with the rain.

Some of the visitors told FOX 10's Bailey Miller that they were definitely expecting some sun, in the Valley of the Sun.

"It is kind of a bummer because we can't be outside and enjoy the weather. It should be better around this time," said Dominic Mena, who is visiting family in the Valley.

The couple from Austin is staying at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, and they thought they would be getting some sunshine while they are here. They aren't letting it get them too down.

"We hike Piestewa Peak [on Monday], so we were hoping to get more hikes in. We are bummed about that," said Bethany Valdivia.

Officials with The Clarendon Hotel say their visitors are here to see their families for the holidays, so it can be slow.

"We see a lot of people come in and want to enjoy the hotel and go to their homes, so it is slow this season, but it does pick up right after for the new year," said Greg Giorno.

Tourists have a good attitude, however, and say the weather is helping them get into a festive mood.