Volunteers make wreaths in honor of fallen Arizona police officers

For the second year in a row, the non-profit organization, Fallen Heroes Wreath Program Arizona, is making sure the heroes of our state are not forgotten this holiday season.

A lot of time and care goes into assembling these wreaths, ensuring everything is perfect. This is representative of the sacrifices made by so many officers.

"This program began in Philadelphia with one cemetery and 14 fallen officers. Word got out and the following year, it took on 274 officers that had been killed in the line of duty in Philadelphia in 2015. In 2016, I brought it to Arizona where we took on the entire state," said Erin Morgan, the project coordinator.

Three hundred wreaths will be distributed to various state agencies this year and laid on the tombs of the men and women who paid the ultimate price.

"We want to remember their stories. They are heartbreaking and devastating, but there is so much history to them and as long as we speak their name, they will never be forgotten," said Marie Dryer, who is from the Arizona Chapter of Concerns for Police Survivors.

The labor here is one of love -- compassion for those who have suffered a loss and gratitude for those who paid it with their lives.

Each wreath costs $20 to make, and that doesn't include the cost of shipping.