WATCH: Firefighters pull dog from burning Phoenix home

In the wake of a tragedy for one northeast Valley woman, as fire crews put out hot spots still burning in what used to be her home, a moment was recorded by Phoenix fire crews as she's reunited with one of her dogs.

But the search continues for three more still missing in the rubble.

"At least she has something... she didn't lose every last thing," Tanya Watwood said.

The homeowner's daughter, Tanya, was still in disbelief after a fire quickly spread around 9 a.m. It started in a shed, reached the garage and then began taking over the home where the women were with their five pets.

"There was a tiny little flame, we already called the fire department and by the time we got here, half the house had already burned down," Watwood said.

Tanya had to pull her mother out of the home after she got second-degree burns while desperately looking for her animals.

Firefighters took over, battling the blaze while trying to find survivors.

"We've looked, we've lifted up everything, we get into closets, we get under beds, so unfortunately when we look at the time of where we're at, we're probably not going to find any more live animals," Capt. Rob McDade said.

But minutes later another moment, this time captured by our cameras.

The homeowner coaxed little Oliver out from under the burnt couch where he was hiding.

An unexpected discovery as reality sinks in.

"I just don't know... I can't even believe this is happened," Watwood said.